Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Annual Pilgrimage Begins

All across the country, and in some cases the world, people are now beginning to make their way to Minnesota. Not the natural place that first comes to mind when thinking about Gilbert (that would be England, but who can afford that? And after all, we are the American Chesterton Society {even though we do have some Canadians amongst us, but I suppose they are already, at this very moment, plotting and conniving to create their very own CCS...})

What's so special about Minnesota to American Chestertons? Gee, I really don't know my history. I know that at one time, there was a Midwest Chesterton Society, and that a lot of the people whom I've met at the annual conference were a part of that. The Pettas, John Petersen, The Bowens, and many more. Then Dale started coming to the meetings, and next thing you know, the whole sheebang got moved to his hometown. I don't know, but that sounds like empirialism to me. I'm sure there are parts I'm missing. I'll try to flesh out a better history while I'm there, and give you the details as I am able.

Another thing I want to check up on is what I call "Chestertonian Romances." People who met because of Chesterton. I know actually for a fact that that is how the Pettas for together, and I'm going to try and get their story if I can this trip. I hope to find a couple of others. Last year I noted something blossoming amongst a couple of our younger conferees, (see, you can find love and romance at even such a thing as a Chesterton Conference!) so I'll have to see what's going on with that this year.

Meanwhile, I know for sure that Dr. Thursday has already left and is at this moment driving across the country. We leave tomorrow am, and I know that another family leaves in the morning as well. May God grant us all safe journeys and a fruitful time at ChesterCon.


  1. We are very sad to have to say that Ria broke out with chicken pox today (she's handled the news very bravely, but there were a lot of tears amongst her younger siblings who were really looking forward to the trip) and so we are going to have to experience ChesterCon 2006 by means of our blog friends. We're depending on you! :) God speed to everyone on their travels.

  2. Have a wonderful time, Mrs. B:)

    Your coverage was excellent last year- will be looking forward to it whenever you have the chance...

    So sorry about your friends who can't make it- prayers that they feel better soon!

  3. Oh, that's too bad. I am sorry to hear about that - even more so because it is Thursday morning (hee hee) and I am now here at St. Thomas where the conference will start this evening, and I got here after a near cancellation like yours!

    Well we shall do what we can in keeping you informed.

  4. Thanks! There are many people we were looking forward to meeting, but will have to catch up with sometime in the future.

    We are sending some proxys as some very good friends of ours who were going to tag along with us, will be attending anyway (hurray!). Look for the family pontis(heehee). In any case, they will also be telling us all about it when they get back.


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