Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dappled Things graduates to paper

It is with great delight that I write to inform you that subscriptions to the print edition of Dappled Things are now available on our website! (The crowd goes wild!) This is an important milestone in the magazine's history and represents the efforts of our contributing writers, artists, donors, friends, and staff. Dale Ahlquist has been an instrumental supporter of our magazine thus far so we thought you and your readers might be interested to hear this news.

There is simply no other magazine like Dappled Things (or Gilbert for that matter). The work of our talented writers and artists -- always inspired by the Catholic tradition -- not only nurtures the mind but also the soul and the imagination. We would greatly appreciate it if you could let your readers know about this great opportunity to discover the wonder of Catholic literature, art, and thought.

Beautifully designed printed issues of Dappled Things will appear four times a year. You may subscribe online now for only $19.99 and enjoy our content in a whole new way. Keep a copy on your nightstand. Share it with your friends. Discover some of the best emerging Catholic writers and artists of today.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bernardo Aparicio
President, Dappled Things

P.S.: We are currently accepting submissions for our first printed issue. The deadline is April 16. Perhaps some of your reader/writers might want to know about that as well.


  1. Congratulations!

    Um, what kind of submissions are they looking for, and do they pay?

  2. Maybe you could write to Bernardo and ask. I just post what I'm sent. ;-)


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