Monday, March 26, 2007

Chesterton grants a post-humous interview

Although very un-Chestertonianly, you must register to read the remaining part of the article.


  1. Not very Chestertonian, is it.

  2. Speaking of interviews with GKC that are made up and not really all that Chestertonian, is it true that the one interview, "A duel at Dusk," supposedly a fierce argument between GKC and GBS, is a fake, made up by a journalist who wanted a scoop? I've heard yes and no. The article is printed in the Collected Works (Plays, Chesterton on Shaw).

  3. What does the interview discuss? The 'restricted content' wall bars my way, and my current bank account is not up to the fight.

  4. Their "Chesterton" must have forgotten his wife's maiden name.

    The REAL Chesterton LOVED his Blogg...


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