Friday, February 09, 2007

Young People and GKC

I was trying to entice another young person (age 17) to come to our reading of GKC's "The Surprise" which we are starting on Monday. We need a couple more guys for the guy parts, so I was recruiting.
"What is it again?" the young man asked.
"A play, by G.K.Chesterton," I answered. "You know who Chesterton is, right?"
"Oh yeah," he answered, "he wrote one of my favorite books, Mere Christianity."
I am please to say my daughter corrected him.
I hope he comes Monday. We need another Guardsman.


  1. Well in some ways Chesterton did indeed write Mere Christianity - at least as a major influence. Surely many of the arguments used were straight form G.K.

  2. Or, as a friend of mine who read The Everlasting Man last year said, "I can't believe how much Lewis steals from this guy!"


  3. Sorry, I also wanted to add, Bravo for your daughter, Nancy! Sounds like she's had a good upbringing. :-)


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