Friday, February 09, 2007

Homework Assignment

For those of you who would like to follow along with our The Man Who Was Thursday book discussion, sing-a-long, and in-depth analysis of Chesterton's great, some would say greatest, novel; here is the information. It was published exactly 100 years ago this year, in 1907, which is why we are thinking about it this year particularly.

If you don't have your own copy of it, you can buy the book, buy the book with notes, or read it, download it, and print it here.

On Monday, we'll discuss the title, the dedication and the dedication poem, then hopefully proceed to Chapter One, so if you are going to be prepared, read to the end of Chapter One. Have a great weekend, and it will be great, if you're reading Chesterton. ;-)


  1. This weekend, Barak Obama, who supports a form of the legal killing of nearly-born children that would have made a Nazi storm trooper blush, is announcing his intention to run for the presidency in my hometown, Springfield, Ill. So re-reading chapter one of Thursday will be a welcome antidote. :-0

  2. In my copy of The Man Who Was Thursday I'm missing the dedication and poem, I didn't even know they existed until now.

    Well good the Project Gutenberg site has it.

  3. Is the ACS bookstore moving rather slowly? I ordered the Annotated MWWT about three weeks ago and still haven't received it (I was hoping it would arrive in time for our in-person discussion - last night).

  4. I'm interested in joining the discussion here. Thanks!

  5. You might be interested to know that the cover illustration has nothing to do with TMWWT. Chesterton drew these gents for Rhoda Bastable to illustrate her future husbands. He drew eleven, but only eight appear on this cover. See Return to Chesterton, p. 214. ~ JP


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