Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prayers for Two Situations

The screen play for The Man Who Was Thursday has been sent to two Hollywood-types, please pray for a welcome reception.

A baby Chestertonian must have surgery in January, so let's pray for the doctors and nurses to take good care of the little tyke. He's 20 months old.


  1. Hey Nancy,

    Where did you hear that news about the screeplay for The Man Who Was Thursday?

    I am an aspiring filmmaker who is currently trying to work on short films I am writing but have been dreaming about adapting TMWWT for film when I get the chance to work on features.

    Just Curious

    A M Hildebrandt


  2. Hello AM,
    Our Gilbert editor passed on this news to me. It was he who wrote the screen play. He can be reached at www.gilbertmagazine.com if you have questions.

  3. Thanks Nancy


  4. Adam:
    Word is, the e-mail over there is temporarily on the blink.

    Write to me at my e-mail (link over there on the left) and I'll get you in touch with him.

  5. OK, will send an email when I get time away from work.



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