Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Chinese want to play golf

GKChesterton weighs in and says it's an expensive way to play at marbles. Apparently, it's more expensive in China.


  1. I'd rather be playing Quidditch.

  2. Say - that would make a great bumper sticker.

    I wonder if Chesterton University has a quidditch team. But I do know they've got the only college Gype team in existence.

    Also: isn't there some Italian dialect where "qui-diche" means something like "what did you say?"

    Hee hee.

    (Oops. Gotta get back to work.)

  3. "I'd rather be playing Gype."

    "My Children are on the Chesterton University Varsity Gype Team."

    Maybe Dale will have these at the next ChesterCon.

  4. "(Oops. Gotta get back to work.)"

    I thought posting on the ACS blog was your work. ;-)

    "My son/daughter is an honor student at Chesterton University."

    "My Chesterton University graduate can beat up your Ivy League graduate."

    "Captain of the Chesterton University cigar smoking team."

    "Captain of the Chesterton University wine drinking team."

    "Captain of the Chesterton University beer drinking team."

    "Founding member of the Chesterton University homebrewing club."

    "Chesterton University: the antidote to depe thot."

  5. one more: "Chesterton University: no campus, no rusty droppings."


  6. "Chesterton University - the Universe via Chesterton"

  7. Wow, this is fantastic. If we could erect buildings (and get endowments) as fast as we can write bumper sticker slogans, we'll be awarding degrees in a year or so. At least we have a good head start on the library.

    Here are some more:

    "If you can read this, why aren't you attending Chesterton University?"

    "I learned What's Wrong With the World at Chesterton University."

    "Chesterton University: School of The Common Man."

    "Chesterton University: As near as your bookshelf."

    No (alas) I do have a REAL job, and it is only indirectly Chestertonian. (I recently posted about that over on my own blogg.) But the good thing is this break helped me find "What's Wrong"... hee hee Now I have to go fix it.

  8. "Captain of the Chesterton University beer drinking team."

    I was watching the latest episode of GKC: The Apostle of Common Sense (the ep was on "The Signature of Man" and the topic was art). They displayed some of GK's self-portrait sketchwork, and one of them was of GK in armor riding a horse, with a lance and shield in hand.

    Is it just me, or is the image on the shield a sketch of a mug of beer???

  9. A question for Dale Ahlquist. I'll alert him. Thanks!!

  10. Whoa. I just had a thought. If all of use could be professors at Chesterton University, and get paid for it, would that make us eligible for membership in the Club of Queer Trades?

    Since Dale makes a living (somehow) from promoting Chesterton, does that make him eligible for membership in the Club of Queer Trades?

    Another bumper sticker:
    "Future member of the Club of Queer Trades" (with the CU logo included, of course)

  11. Sorry, GKC did not draw that awesome picture. It is a caricature done in 1930 by Thomas Derrick, a cartoonist for Punch and G.K.'s Weekly.

    I have it hanging on the side of my computer for inspiration.

    Yes, it is a mug of foamy beer, making me thirsty just seeing it now.

    In his other hand he has a GIGANTIC quill pen.

    After his death, Fr. McNabb picked up his pen and kissed it.

  12. Another bumper sticker:
    "Future member of the Club of Queer Trades" (with the CU logo included, of course)

    Ummm... not too sure that would translate too well in todays culture:

    "No, officer. I am not a member of NAMBLA."

    But, as professors, do we get tenure? Or would GK frown upon that, and instead request that we form a guild.


    Member of the Guild of Common Sense

  13. As a T.A. at Marquette University, I would like to know what kind of benefits the T.A.'s at Chesterton University get.

  14. How about a The Man Who Was Thursday-themed "Proud Member of the Central Anarchists' Council?" That would get you pulled over every four blocks.

  15. We'd all get blue cards with "The Last Crusade" printed on them, and our own individual numbers of authenticity.


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