Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Chesterton Pumpkin

I'm a little late to notice, but over at ChesterTeens, they made what is probably the world's first Gilbert pumpkin. Maybe they were inspired by the Chestertonian Easter Egg?


  1. Nancy,

    Although it would seem that Chestertonians have been mysteriously silent on the art of pumpking carving, some of us have adventured into that territory with GKC's flag.

    Here is my Chest-o-lantern from last year. I'm sorry I didn't let my fellow Chestertonians know sooner. I did said it to Dale, though. Perhaps that counts for something?

    Here it is:

    Sorry for the ugly link...check out my kids' video while you're there--it's hilarious.

    Rob Drapeau, Phoenix

  2. I was wrong, this is probably the world's second Chesterton Jack-o-lantern. Stay tuned for another picture...


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