Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Notification on the Next Gilbert Issue

I want to let you all know that despite heroic efforts up to now to get Gilbert magazine back on schedule, we've run into a small problem. She is very small. Less that a year old, I'm told. And she's very sick. We asked you to pray for her here. Her father is an irreplaceable person in the production of Gilbert, so, in allowing him time to care for his daughter, we need to once again delay the production of the July/August (I believe) issue.

Pass the word on to whomever you know should know.

And pray for a sick little girl named Lucy. Thanks.


  1. I'm praying for Lucy. Please let me know if there's any good news.

  2. Here's some: the hiatus gives me time to homebrew. As I said in the e-mail, the batch is right now bubbling away joyfully in its fermentation tank. :-D

    btw, Chris, I finished The Inn at the Edge of the World. Loved it and have started Fairy Tale.

    The last two paragraphs in Inn: Whoa! :-0

  3. Now see there's the good thing about getting my last issue late (it arrived yesterday). I can enjoy it and not worry about the next issue being here on time.

    Does anyonw know what the last issue of STAR was? I have a feeling that they didn't send out renewal notices either.

    Oh, and prayers for Lucy will certainly be on the agenda, along with prayers for Lucy's dad.


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