Monday, July 17, 2006

Did you notice....

Just the other day, I was paging through the latest Gilbert, and noticed that the little 37 cent stamp illustration atop the "Lunacy & Letters" page had added a 2 cent stamp to it, reflecting our postal service's recent increase.

I thought I was so clever to notice this, but then went back through previous Gilberts and saw that it had actually changed back in the March issue (3 issues ago). Oh well, so much for thinking I'm highly observant ;-)


  1. Don't feel bad. You have still provided an valuable lifeline to those of us without issues whose eccentricities we can observe for ourselves.

  2. I think that was Ted's idea.

  3. Hi Mrs. Brown,

    Am going to have youngest contact the editor of Gilbert, where he will be barraged by All Things Pink, until I get my issue...

    (was that a winking smiley face, Mrs. B?)

    Next step- emoticons:)

  4. How long ago did you subscribe, Rhap? If you haven't gotten any issues yet, contact our subscription service. There is a link somewhere on this blog page (on the left hand column).

    I pleaded for real emoticons here last winter, to no avail. :-((

  5. I think I resubscribed last month- maybe it takes a while to be processed, which is fine- thank you for the assistance, Mr. C...

    Mrs. B, can we take a vote for the emoticons?


    Thank you.
    Editor's privy.


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