Saturday, July 01, 2006

June issue of Gilbert

Reports are filtering in to me that some people across the country have actually received their June Gilberts in June.

However, I was not one of them.

If you have received yours, and there's something in there you want to talk about here, let me know.

Meanwhile, I'll be watching my mailbox.


  1. Yes, the shoes on the other foot, or so they say.

    It didn't come today, either. Not that I was awaiting the mail or anything...

  2. Well, it hasn't come here either. I'm patiently waiting for it, however. Or perhaps I'm not so patiently waiting for it. Of course, if it's been sent (and if some people have it it must have been) then it falls into the same category as my payment to the gas company which still wasn't there three weeks later! This is particularly annoying in that the gas company is actually only about 6 miles from our house. At least Gilbert comes from a long way away.


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