Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bluegrass Chestertonians?

I like the sound of that.

Patrick asks me:
Do you know of any Chesterton fans in Kentucky, especially central KY ? It gets lonely out here. Would love to be able to get together with other Chestertonians to read and discuss.

I don't know of any. The only Kentuckian I am related to is not a Chestertonian. But should be.

If anyone out there knows anyone in KY, e-mail me. Maybe our Fearless Leader (a.k.a. Chestertonian) would know if any Gilbert subscribers are out that way?

Or maybe Patrick should just go ahead, bite the bullet, and start a Chesterton Society out there. Advertise, and see who comes.


  1. Patrick is in luck. I don't know where in Kentucky he lives, but Gilbert Magazine is printed in New Hope, Ky., at a press run by a lay Dominican order at 3050 Gap Knob Road in New Hope.

    They print a number of magazines, but I'm told the staff's favorite is GM, and all the pressmen scramble for copies as it rolls off the presses.

    I don't know their number, but if you look it up and call them (ask for their subscriber service), they might be able to tell you if any subscribers are in Kentucky.

    Heck, if your close enough, drop by and say hello. :-)

  2. Patrick, I get to Bardstown in Central KY at least six times a year, and I would be happy to help you get things going or meet with you. Aug. 11 & 12 is my next trip.

    By the way, St. Vincent de Paul church in New Hope, KY is one of the most beautiful churches in America - an extraordianry carved wood altar, a beautiful setting in the rolling hills, a very reverent feel to the place. The Spirit is definitely at work in New Hope - and all of Central Kentucky, which remains one of the oldest and most historic Catholic regions of the country.

    And even though the proto-cathedral in Bardstown has become a bit goofy, and someone has obviously dropped the Sisters of Nazareth (Nazareth, KY) on their heads - not to mention the gang in Loretto, KY - there's something stirring down there and Our Man Gilbert would love to be involved.

    I encourage you to put some feelers out there.

  3. not to mention the gang in Loretto, KY

    Hi, Kevin! If people in a town named Loreto are acting goofy with regards to the Faith, then the obvious thing to do is to pray to the Holy Family.

    The house or Lord grew up in is in Loreto, Italy, taken there from the Holy Land by angels some centuries ago (sorry, don't know the exact date). Anyway, the angels flew the house from Nazareth to Loreto (to save it from destruction by Muslims, I think) and there it sits. I know this sounds incredible, but thousands of pilgrims visit the holy house every year. Popes and canonized saints have said Mass there, so you know it's authentic.

    Pray to the Holy Family for the goofballs in Loreto, Ky.

  4. The goofballs in Loretto are the Sisters of Loretto, one of the many orders that have strayed a bit since Vatican II. They run Nerinx Hall High School in St. Louis, which has become a "hotbed of heterodoxy" as a friend of mine terms it, and I believe that's putting it mildly. Nerinx Hall specializes in taking pro-life-leaning young women and turning them into rabid abortionists by the time they graduate. An actress who worked for me was a student teacher there and the conclave that runs the place told her in private that their agenda is to create "feminists".

    Anyway, Central Kentucky also features the monastery where Thomas Merton served. Bardstown, the most charming town in the regioion, was at one time the seat of one of only four diocese in the country - I believe it was New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Bardstown.

    And yes, prayer to the Holy Family can help even a desperate situation like the need for reform for the Sisters of Loretto. And our own hearts as well.


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