Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Anniversary Gilbert and Frances

Dr. Thursday has gracious reminded us that today, June 28, is the day Gilbert and Frances married, 105 years ago today.

He wrote this post last year, and it is wonderful and beautiful to read, so please do. An excerpt:

Lucian Oldershaw drove ahead to the station with the heavy luggage, put it on the train and waited feverishly. That train went off (with the luggage), then another, and at last the happy couple appeared. Gilbert had felt it necessary to stop on the way "in order to drink a glass of milk in one shop and to buy a revolver with cartridges in another." The milk he drank because in childhood his mother used to give him a glass in that shop. The revolver was for the defense of his bride against possible dangers. They followed the luggage by a slow train.
[Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton 151]

In addition, I discovered that they married on Frances's birthday! She was born June 28, 1869 (which made her five years Gilbert's senior, which I find an interesting fact) and so it is 137 years since her birth.

Gilbert was 27 and Frances was 32 (that day, her birthday) when they married.

Another interesting thing is that today is my father's birthday, too. Happy 74th Birthday Dad!


  1. So today might be OUR feast-day!

    All of us here in the e-cosmos should remember that her maiden name is Frances BLOGG.

  2. Today is my mom's birthday too. :)

  3. And my dear husband's b-day is today. :)

    AND, our nephew and his wife had their third daughter today AND a friend had their first child today.

    What a day for b-days. :)

  4. It's also Henry VIII's birthday. :/


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