Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Chestertonian Businessman

(Used with permission)
Introducing: Brad Shorr
From Brad's e-mail:
My name is Brad Shorr and I am a huge Chesterton fan. I enjoy the American
Chesterton Society blog very much.

Thought you might like to look at some posts from one of my blogs, Funny
Business, where I find myself writing a good deal about GKC on
business-related topics. I'm hoping to inspire business people (and others
who might not be familiar with GKC) to explore his work.
Brad writes and owns the business cartoons (which he hires an illustrator for) involving, sometimes, Chesterton. Check out his Funny Business Blog here . His post on Chesterton and Business Blogging is of interest, as well as his interesting use of Chesterton's words in the world of business and sales.

I think it is worth noting how people are creatively applying Chesterton to all walks of life.


  1. This is great stuff! It's about time the yeast begins to ferment in the business world.

    I offer my two favorites, which are almost company slogans here:

    "The business world needs metaphysics - to simplify it."
    [GKC, The Common Man 174]

    "I revert to the doctrinal methods of the thirteenth century, inspired by the general hope of getting something done."
    [GKC, Heretics CW1:46]

    And it works. We do get things done by using metaphysics.

    Let's hear it for yeast!

  2. To Yeast!

    Once by man and angels to be seen, in roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.


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