Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lost in Space

The editorial in the current issue of Gilbert might also be titled, "Lost in Science."

It was kind of a continuation of the Darwinian ideas from last month (it seemed to me).

It argued, and this was something I hadn't considered before, that if we ever did find life somewhere else in space, that despite our recordings of peace and music, they might just want to eat us for dinner.

That doesn't mean we can't go on looking for life out there, it just means that we can't be so sure that aliens will be like us, if there are aliens.

When I remember the nightclub scene from Star Wars, I know that in our imaginations, aliens are usually NOT like us. I suppose that's why we call them aliens. But then there are the "men are from mars/women are from venus" people who feel that even the opposite sex is an alien life form.

The editorial argues that Science's hidden agenda should be exposed.
I think it would be a difficult task to find a scientist who even agrees that there is a hidden agenda. Or a dogma. or a statement of faith.

Which then reminds me of Chesterton's statement about the two kinds of people: those who operate under dogmas and those who operate under dogmas but think they don't.


  1. We continue with the same general theme in the next issue's editorial. Well, sort of...

  2. I'm impressed with the editorial boards knowledge of science...

  3. We are blessed to have an actual scientist working with us, a gent who just got his PhD in evolutionary biology.

    Also, other members are very well read, in philosophy, science, and other fields. I'm probably the least knowledgable person on the board.

  4. Wow, cool. An Evolutionary Chestertonian Biologist. When's he speaking at the conference???

  5. This year, if you can believe it. If you can guess who he is, you get free entry to all the talks.


  6. Ah, must be David Beresford, I think I read something about him getting his PhD recently?

    Hey, I'm already in for free. What is this, some kind of trick?! I'd demand a cigar, but I don't smoke them. A chocolate cigar?


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