Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gilbert Here: Darwin

The "Darwin" issue should have arrived in your mailbox by now, with an illustration of Darwin atop a turtle with a finch on his head.

It seems to me as though Chesterton handled the evolution people well 100 years ago, his arguments still work, and can be used today.

I think it good to note that at least four of the "trifles" mentioned in the editors column were first noted right here on the ACS blog.

Any articles you particularly enjoyed or provoked thought?


  1. Yes, this blog has become a great source of fodder for the Trifles column. Of all I do for each issue, the one real chore is writing Trifles. Always, I struggle to come up with useful material (readers seem not to see the e-mail address in the middle of the page begging them to send me stuff).

    So, thank you, Nancy, for inadvertantly helping out. Incidentally, the next issue is at the printer's, and should be in the mail soon.

    If you're looking for provacative stuff, I'd suggest the editorial on evolution. I could even ask Ted to send you an electronic copy from the PDF, so you could post it here.

    Shameless self-plug: I also am very proud of my interview with Scott Derrickson, director of last fall's movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

  2. Well, I'm glad the blog is good for something.
    I enjoyed the interview, and wish my niece who is in hollywood struggling could meet him.

    Sure, let's get a copy of the editorial up here and we can all talk about it more.

  3. I e-mailed Ted, so he should be sending you a copy of it.


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