Thursday, May 11, 2006

Get Your Own Gilbert

Naturally, you want your own Gilbert. And we want you to have it. It's really very simple.

You can either:
Pay $35.00 and subscribe to Gilbert,


you can join The American Chesterton Society for $35 and get a membership PLUS a Gilbert subscription.

You math majors will be able to figure this one out pretty quickly.


  1. Ah, but it says that the Gilbert subscription includes an ACS membership, so there's no difference.

  2. Right-o, publius. Joining the ACS gets you a subscription to GM, and buying a subscription to GM automatically makes you a member of the ACS.

    It's one of the benefits of membership. :-)

  3. Hey, I'm a Gilbert subscriber, does this mean I am a member of ACS? If so that's a really cool new piece of information!

  4. Yes, you are a member of the ACS: "The Few, the Proud, the Chestertonians." :)

    Now if only we had snappy-looking membership cards...

  5. Yes, perhaps like this:

    a small blue card on which was written "The Last Crusade" and a number...

  6. Liz, I hope you know that your membership entitles you to a discount on the books the ACS sells. That, to me, is the greatest benefit.

  7. Definitely didn't know that, but then I haven't purchased any books from ACS, uh, that is unless you count the books I bought at the Rochester Conference.... Oh well, it was for a good cause anyway.

  8. It is a 20 percent discount, pretty generous. :-)

  9. the new issue is in the mail. :-)


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