Monday, May 22, 2006

Back from the Weekend

So, what's up?
Does anyone here care about the DaVinci Code? Did you do the "othercott" thing and see Over the Hedge?

I (finally) got a chance to read my Gilbert magazine front to back, and liked GKC's response to "Concerned About What People Are Reading"'s question (in the "Chesterton's Mail Bag" feature, which I enjoy reading--someone is very clever to dig through GK's stuff and come up with these questions!) about whether or not to condemn Da Vinci Code.

In other news, it did NOT rain at our art fair (yippee!) we did NOT take any special orders (ddoouubbllee yyiippee!!) and we made it home with only a very few Chicago traffic slowdowns (shew!). (For art fair information, see

I am working on a speech, I won't give away the details, but will tell you it has something to do with evolution and an author and a blogg.

And, my eighth grader will graduate next week, and so I will officially become the parent of a High Schooler. Wow. Time flies.


  1. I spent the weekend at, of all things, an Opus Dei retreat. We thought it was very amusing to be on an Opus Dei retreat the same weekend that The Duh Vinci Code opened.

  2. That is an interesting contrast.
    I hope the retreat was good and you learned a lot.

  3. Happy tidings! May 22, 2006- the April/May issue of Gilbert! has arrived here in New York.

  4. Paul: I'm just about to make a post...

  5. Congratulations to your graduating eighth grader!

  6. Thanks everyone. I thank you, and my daughter thanks you. I suppose my husband thanks you, too, as he had something to do with the fact that we have a 14 year old in the house. :-) We are all proud of her.


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