Monday, April 10, 2006

Sometimes when I search the news for Chesterton, I find out some interesting things about the people in Chesterton, IN

Like this lady.

"While in Rome, Carson went shopping. The shops, she said, had nun dolls, but no pope dolls.

“Why no pope?” she asked."

Does the world need a pope doll? I wondered. But the thought came into my head about Chesterton's toy theater. Maybe a pope doll could play a role in a play, and it could really come in handy.

But I think the number of parents willing to shell out $225 for a child to play with are mighty few.


  1. Well, if one wanted to stage "Lepanto", a Pope St. Pius V figure would be needed.

    And considering what we saw at last year's conference, this might not be such a bad idea!

    For those of you whowere't there: one of the seminarians recited it from memory, with props and other effects - VERY well done and inspiring.

  2. I was there, but was watching the baby. :-(


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