Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Christmas Quiz

One thing I've not heard mentioned from the Christmas Gilbert is the Christmas Quiz. I thought it was very clever and fun. It also was informational, as there were many answers I admit I admit I did not know. I think my answer gets me into a pub with the editor, according to his scoring system.

I'm so ignorant, I didn't even know we used to celebrate "Adam and Eve's Day." I like the sound of that. I picture plays or skits, lots of fruit for the snacks of course, bobbing for apples, etc. Sounds like a great children's celebration day.

Were there any "Christmas Facts" you didn't know? Were suprised to hear about? Thought Sean was making up? :-)


  1. I was very happy to receive the two past issues this weekend, Mrs. B...

    (Do I thank Mr. Chestertonian for that:)?

    Although I was familiar with all of the characters from history, the questions had me stymied- it was interesting & informative.

    Well done!

  2. Oct/Nov. & Dec.

    (yippee! may I add:)

  3. The costumes could get, um, interesting. :)

    I liked the quiz too. That was our first issue of Gilbert.

  4. Ha! I never thought of that, L2L! Let's see, we'd need a girl wil really, really long hair.....well, maybe we could do after the fall, huh?!

  5. In the interests of modesty, costumes for celebrating Adam and Eve's Day should be post-Fall sort of costumes. Anyone know where to get fig leaves?

    Nancy, in answer to your thinking-out-loud question, all the questions came from Therese Warmus. Whether she made any up I can't say. ;)


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