Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gilbert Magazine in the mailbox

My Gilbert magazine came today in the mail, and so you'll have to excuse me. I usually find a quiet place and read it, cover to cover.

After I've read it, maybe we can discuss some of it here. If you've read it, what article struck you as a conversation piece? I've only just started it, but being a Wisconsin-born person, I'm personally interested in the editorial on school choice. But let me hear from you what you find interesting, or controvertial.


  1. The most controvertial issue (to me) is why it takes the mailman so long to get Gilbert!(*) to my mailbox. And I have to read about how Mr. Scheske got his copy last Thursday. And Mrs. Brown got hers today. Here I am, pining; it is as slow as Christmas.

    (*) No need to correct, editor Chestertonian. My mother still sometimes calls me Joey. It is a name used out of love. Even the title of the Gilbert Magazine webpage likes to call it Gilbert!.

  2. Joe, No worries mate, either name will do. I think that's why we kept the original logo on the web page.

    I was particularly pleased with Ted's cover drawing (though owing to us switching a green shade this year, I think this may go down in history as our "Jolly Green Giant" issue. ;)

    As for individual articles, I was particularly pleased with "Call Me Mrs." by Lorraine Murray (her first contribution to us) in the AIG section.

  3. Joe, I hate to say this, but you at least give me hope. I always thought *I* was the last person to have her Gilbert delivered, that the mailman had some sort of ax to grind....because everything seems to be delivered late to our neighborhood.

    So, at your expense, I can say that at least I am not last.
    I hope yours comes tomorrow.

    And it should be noted that the issue we refer to is the October/November. The greater mystery is... well, I better not go there.

    Still reading it....haven't read "Call Me Mrs." yet but already agree with it (!) (Yes, I'm known for at times making snap judgements) but you can see from my own blog (Flying Stars) whose web address is --that's a hint.

  4. I think this may go down in history as our "Jolly Green Giant" issue. ;)

    Sean: The giant doesn't look green, just his clothes.

    I found it interesting that, without a stated theme or anything, quite a few of us took up the same sort of ideas this time. The Ethics of Elfland was mentioned, it seems, a bunch of times. Must be serendipity. Either that or serendipity-do-dah.

  5. Nancy, to be a Chestertonian is to be always in Elfland. :)

    (p.s. This blog needs emoticons)

  6. Hi Mrs. Brown,

    Did you say Oct/Nov?

    Is there a December issue also?

    Didn't get mine yet...


    PS Hi Joe

  7. The December issue is still being prepared for the printer, but it's almost ready. Yes, we're very late and struggling mightily to catch up. :-/

  8. Well, it's ok-

    it's something to look forward to!


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