Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Blog Appeal

Hi Everyone,
I don't often come to you asking for money, but today, I am. Our organization runs on a shoestring, as most of you already know. We rely on donations from good people like yourselves, who believe that what we are doing, spreading common sense through the encouragement of Gilbert Chesterton's writings, is worth doing.

If you already belong to the American Chesterton Society, you will have recently received a letter in the mail asking for your help.

I'm going to be totally honest with you all. I don't ask for much, but I am supposed to be paid $1200. That helps cover my time and efforts both here on the blog, over on the FaceBook ACS Fan Page, where I try to update frequently, the Twitter updates, a regular column for Gilbert Magazine, plus the Uncommon Sense Podcast. I haven't been here on the blog as much lately, because I was told it was going to convert shortly to a new blog run by someone from the magazine. I was supposed to transfer my energy to FaceBook. I have transferred to the FaceBook Fan page, but without the complete transfer of the blog. Yet.

This blog reaches thousands of people per month. A few comment, but most do what's called "lurking". They read a few posts, sometimes they've searched on something which leads them to a post I wrote years ago (I began working on this in 2005). We can hope and pray that all of the postings over the years continue to bear fruit well on into the future.

The FaceBook Fan page has quickly grown from a few fans to over 700. We have fans from the world over, and comparatively, a very active fan page, according to the FaceBook folks. This also introduces new people to Chesterton.

The Podcast has had nearly 4000 downloads, which grows with each new podcast I produce. Again, another new media way to introduce more people to the common sense of Chesterton. The podcasts take time and effort to produce, software which I've purchased on my own, interviews on long distance which I pay for myself. But the main thing I have to offer is my time and effort, which I do for love of Chesterton, and ultimately, who Chesterton points to: Christ.

I do all that for $1200. I should mention now that what I mean is $1200 per year.

I haven't been paid since last July, and it would be nice for our family budget to be paid sometime soon. However, apparently, there is no money just now. That's why I'm coming to you.

If what I do has any value to you, please consider clicking the donate button. Or respond to the letter you recently received in the mail. If you really wanted to help, you'd also drop a line here and let the American Chesterton Society know that this is directed towards the blog/FaceBook/Twitter/Podcast/GilbertMagazine/Nancy Brown appeal or whatever part of the ACS you wish to direct it to. Or just donate to the general fund. Thank you. You really do make a difference in this organization (I use that term loosely).

This may not mean much, but I do pray for you all regularly. I don't know all your names, but God does. I ask him to take care of all my readers, listeners, and all our benefactors, and in some way, I know that He does. Thanks for listening.

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  1. You work hard. Your podcasts are so wonderful, and I have heard only a few. ! But a lot of work to put together. You should be paid.


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