Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wonder and awe at detours

Yesterday, our family was able to witness the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis and it was an awesome sight. Wow. As I lifted my eyes into the heavens to see those men and women soaring into space, well, I just felt so amazed that we had accomplished such an unbelievable feat. I said a prayer for their safe journey, which again reminded me that there are people on the space station, and we should constantly be praying for them, too.

Almost just as amazing: we travel the highways quite a bit, and the way humans have engineered road work projects is really amazing. No longer do you need to leave the road, but they've figured out how to keep you on the road (maybe you're driving on what used to be the shoulders, but you're still basically on the same path) even while doing huge roadwork projects.

Both are amazing things: roadwork, and shuttle work. Man truly is an amazing being.

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