Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Question For Our Readers

So.... with all the whine about the publishing of yet another dull anti-Catholic book, I was wondering why that has to be.

Gosh, there are so few good NEW stories around, not like there used to be: Chesterton, Doyle, Sayers, Carr, E.E. "Doc" Smith... Buchan's Thirty-Nine Steps, Janney's The Miracle of the Bells, Morley's The Haunted Bookshop, Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth, Brinley's The Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club, and so many others - even Dr. Thursday's The Three Relics:

Oops, sorry - that last one doesn't count. Not yet anyway. (Don't you wish it did count?)

(The irate reader grumbles: Hey Doc - I though you had a QUESTION for us.)

Yeah, I do. Hold your mouses, I had to set the stage, even if it's a toy theatre.

So, here's the question. What do you enjoy in a story? What kind do you prefer? Short, novel, trilogy, series? What would you want to read - if it was something NEWLY written? Should it be mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, western, historical.... What time period? What style? (Fill in additional details here.)

Please tell us.

Yeah, I have lots to work on, but I think maybe if SOMEONE gets busy writing some good stuff, there will be less whining. At least we will start to have a clue about what Chestertonians like.

P.S. If you are wondering what I like, you might get a clue from the above list. But I had to stop somewhere. And there are other books I like which don't count as fiction, alas. Sometimes I am surprised by the CRC Handbook - or Gray's Anatomy - or even Liddell and Scott...

P.P.S. Yes, I know I have also promised that book about the Pope - but that also needed its stage to be set. I think I may be ready to start work on it very soon, though I may also have to write a prequel or two. We'll see. Someone promised to nag me to get it done, and I have not heard any nagging.


  1. Maolsheachlann, Ireland9/17/2009 2:49 PM

    A fantasy, please! That would be very Chestertonian. Even a fantasy rooted in everyday life. The best thing about fantasy is that it CAN, paradoxically, celebrate ordinary life unlike many more "realist" fictions. Any wardrobe might open onto Narnia....

  2. Well, for me, it would be all of the above! I just like a good, thought-provoking read! I am turned off by nihilism, vulgarity and triteness. I want to like at least some of the characters in the story and I want good, consistent character development. But I think other than that, I'm pretty open minded. If I were going to rate the genres in the order I preferred, it would be: historical, western, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller. You forgot romance! I'm a girl, so I like them as well.

  3. I would like to see something about a time other than our own or the future...not historical fiction and not fantasy (magic in a past period would be OK). You don't see such things anymore :(. And I love Shakespeare-style humor...romantic princess-rescuing plots...themes that are not obvious...i could keep talking :).


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