Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Voice (audio) Feedback

In preparation for the podcast, I've set up a phone line dedicated to accepting voice feedback. This service (which is free) sends me a .wav file of the audio, which I can incorporate into my podcasts.

But, just to try it out, you could call and leave me a voice feedback now. The phone number is 1-206-337-9049. For anyone outside of Seattle (where the service is based) it will be a long distance and charges will apply.

Maybe you could call and say: "Hi, this is [your first name] and I LOVE G.K.Chesterton"
"Hi, my name is [your first name] and I regularly read the blog of the American Chesterton Society."
"Hello, my name is [your name here] and I love Chesterton because..."
"Hi! I'm [your name] and my favorite Chesterton book is XYZ because of ABC..."

I think you get the picture. Try it out! Anything recorded there, unless you say so, could be used in a future podcast.

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