Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blessed G.K. Chesterton?


  1. Archbishop Sheen and Cardinal Newman have Websites devoted to their causes. One cannot help being a little intimidated by the complexity, length of time, and amount of money it takes.
    The question, post conference, is how we get the support of the bishop of Beaconsfield's Diocese - Peter Doyle.
    Chesterton is dismissed by many in academe in the UK, when they are polite. Mostly he's treated with contempt. So the question is how we persuade his bishop?
    I'd be reluctant to initiate the process if I had to take the funds out of my diocesan budget. Should we start a campaign or an appeal or is raising money for the cause a no-no until after the bishop formally announces that a cause has begun?
    Perhaps the solution is to raise the money by a foundation in hope that the bishop begins his cause.

  2. Well, if they need a verified miracle, I'll start praying right now.


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