Friday, April 18, 2008

Looking for a Game of Gype? Head to London!

I received this from Holly:
I'm writing from the Hide and Seek festival; we have monthly events in London where we play interesting games, and on 10 May we're going to be running a night of Chesterton-influenced and inspired games at BAC (the Battersea Arts Centre, not far from where Chesterton lived in Battersea).

We're always keen to have new designers and players, and I wondered whether any of your London-based readers might be interested in running a game at the event. We're keen on pretty much any type of game or playful activity: grown-up versions of playground games, games where the players work together to create something, scavenger hunts, quiet card games, anything that involves the overlap of games and other art forms, and just general exciting stuff along the lines of the Adventure and Romance Agency from Chesterton's "Club of Queer Trades". There's a little more information about it here and on the rest of the website, but anyone who's interested can contact me.

If you think your readers might be interested, I'd be grateful if you could pass the information on to them.

Regards, Holly
Doesn't this make you wish you lived near Battersea?

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