Monday, January 01, 2007

The Senior Tutor

Happy New Year!
David Beresford, Gilbert columnist, Canadian, eh?, and confessionist to the most bizzare interesting poison ivy story I've ever read, has another good column about becoming a senior tutor at a college.

David seems to have a soft spot in his heart for both poison ivy and seniors. Although, thankfully, he doesn't eat seniors. At least not in this story.

David is a guy for second chances. Second chances with the poison ivy, and second chances for seniors. Although he does, apparently have his limits, based on his talk at the last Chesterton conference (on The Limitless Possibility of Limits).


  1. Hi Nancy:

    I just saw the blog from New Year's day. Glad you liked the stories! I wrote the poison ivy piece as a light-hearted
    example of why one should follow the teaching of the church regarding the natural law and not try to discover/define these for oneself. I also wrote it because it was funny, kind of a photo-negative of Innocent Smith's advice to drink hollyhock tea and eat the berries in the hedges at Beacon House. And, of course, the story is true, I did do all that.

    As to my position as senior tutor, I am the last hope for
    students who run afoul of the academic regulations. As a Chestertonian I try to follow the example of Basil in the Club of Queer Trades. I usually proscribe that students getting into trouble read the Bertie Wooster stories to give their minds a needed rest from the rigours of university life. And, of course, Chesterton's Man Who was Thursday.
    Dave Beresford

  2. "Proscribe" means forbid - but that cannot be right, so I think "prescribe" is meant - one letter can make such a difference, can't it - whether in DNA (like the sickle-cell gene) or theology (an iota between homoousion and homoiousion) or even in a blog-comment!

    But in a password it's fatal. " ...not the smallest letter of the law..."

  3. Hello Anonamous.
    Yes, prescribe is right. I wonder how often I make these mistakes without finding out ... that might explain a lot. Dave Beresford


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