Friday, January 19, 2007

The Blue Cross Study Guide

The publisher of The Blue Cross Study Edition , Hillside Education, has just informed me that The Blue Cross is going into a second edition. Which I am thrilled about.

Then she told me about all the places that are selling The Blue Cross, and I found it fascinating to think about it. You can find the book at Aquinas and More, Adoremus Books, Sacred Heart Books & Gifts, and, of course, The American Chesterton Society's Merchandise & Books page. And naturally, you can get it from Hillside Education and from me, too (and I'll even autograph is, although that might lower the resale value of it :-\ ).

If your Chesterton group would like to do The Blue Cross, this would be a great aid; if your homeschool group would like to study The Blue Cross, this would be a great guide; if you'd like to introduce your high schooler to the work of G.K. Chesterton, this would be the perfect start; if you would like to get more out of reading The Blue Cross, this is your book.


  1. Nancy's study guide is a fun read, and there's plenty of activities for kids once they finish the story. Will you be writing more of these guides soon?

  2. I've got one more, just published, on Chesterton's St. Francis, which I'll post about soon. You can see it on my web site now, if you like, at

    My plan is to write one for the St. Thomas as well.

    Thanks for the positive comments, Therese.


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