Friday, December 15, 2006

More interest in Chesterton's Plays

The Storm Theatre in New York put on Chesterton's The Surprise May 16-21, 2003. And they are thinking of reprising it for next (2007) Christmas. If you live in New York, stay tuned! (After you click on the link, scroll down a little to see the information on the 2003 production of they play.)

Hat tip: Kevin


  1. Did the production of "The Surprise" from the 2006 Conference ever make it to EWTN?

  2. According to my "sources", the same actors are going to re-stage it for television; it is to be taped in early 2007 and will air in the autumn.

    Incidentally, did I understand that you were at this year's ChesterCon? Sorry not to have met you - a number of bloggers did get to meet, and we hope to see more of the same in 2007.

  3. That is correct, it is only just going to be filmed this coming January, and will air in the fall of 07.

  4. Yes, I was at the ChesterCon 2006. If you know Lou Horvath from Rochester, NY, I'm his nephew. If not, then that was probably no help at all.

    I am a Catholic Seminarian from Cleveland, OH. Unfortunately I will not be at the ChesterCon 2007 because I will be studying in Rome, but I sure will miss it.

  5. Steve, sorry I did miss you then, and presumably I will again next year. But if you get a chance, drop Nancy our blogg-mistress an e-mail (use button on left), asking her to forward it to me. (I could not connect using the entry on your profile.)

    Wow, Rome. Seems lots of Chestertonians have been going there recently. (Maybe someday I'll get there too.)

  6. I met you S.J.! Good to e-see you again, and tell Lou we all say "Hello" and to get his butt on this blog from time to time.

    May God bless your vocation, and your studies in Rome.


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