Thursday, December 07, 2006

Catholic Best Sellers

What's amazing is all the dead guys on the list. Including #25.


  1. What's funny is that yesterday, when I checked this, GKChesterton's Orthodoxy was #25. Today, it isn't.

  2. Can you really call "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" (#2) a CATHOLIC book?

  3. It is amazon's list of books by Catholics. Maybe one of the authors of that book grew up Catholic, or something.

    No. 1 is a book by Gary Wills, potentially even worse.

    After that the list improves considerably. :-)

  4. I thought the same thing: Gary Won'ts? Holy Blood? Who rates these as Catholic?

    The thing that really impressed me though, was the fact that our man GKC was on the top 25 list. That's cool. Even if it only lasted one day.

  5. Amazon's sales rankings changes from day to day, and GK's "Orthodoxy" is always in or near the Top 25 best sellers. He's back in there at #21. "The Everlasting Man" is also currently at #51.

  6. Somehow, this is very reassuring to me. Heartening. I shall sleep good tonight. Seriously.


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