Monday, August 09, 2010


The conference is over, but the energy lives on. All the way home I was thinking, what can I do? How can we spread the Gospel? How do we live an authentic life?

There were so many amazing people at the conference, so many great conversations and discussions and debates took place. What fun, and how stimulating for the mind. One line of one speech caused hours of debate after hours, defining terms, asking why, what and how, figuring out what God wants, what dogma means, how that translates to life here on earth while we await heaven (hopefully!).

There was inspiration to read more, do more, think more, and act more. From the start of the conference, and Tom Martin's thoughts about social science (and his very helpful description of what the logo of the conference meant) to James O'Keefe's talk about journalism and activism and the role of the independent journalist (just like Chesterton) to Dale's closing cry to live like Jones and Mrs. Jones in a world that denies and disbelieves there is such a normal couple.

If you missed it, or even if you were there, you will probably want the CDs or DVDs or both, a set to own and a set to give away. The videographer will need about a week to process everything, and when the recordings are available, you'll be the first to know.

Next year, St. Louis!


  1. Could you post the Clerihew contest winners and runner ups? They were quite amusing but I didn't have time (or wit) to write them down.

  2. They'll be in the Conference issue of Gilbert, for sure.

  3. Sam,
    Sorry to say I wasn't taking notes when the winners were announced.


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