Friday, April 23, 2010

The Mysterious Benedict Society

My teens and I have recently read The Mysterious Benedict Society and enjoyed it quite a lot. We are delighted to discover that the author has written two sequels, and are now on book 2.

One thing we enjoyed is the way the kids are picked to be in the Society. The tests they must take are quite cleverly thought up.

We also enjoyed that the overarching reason the kids were picked was because of their love of the truth.

Additionally, the fact that the "bad guys" deliver their messages via the TV makes perfect sense.

And the thrill of the mystery and it's resolution was quite satisfactory. The fact that it was very hard to put this book down means it engaged the reader. Suitable for ages 9 and up, with no offending material as far as I remember.


  1. My kids and I love these books!

  2. We've read and liked these, too.


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