Monday, March 15, 2010


From Ellen:I found this via the What's Wrong with the World? blog.  Someone who started their own country! How positively Chestertonian!

Mentions the book: Micronations: the Lonely Planet guide to Self-Proclaimed Nations.  Has anyone read this? 


  1. My little brother has the book, but I've never read it. The idea is more appealing than the details.

    I've always had my own country and my own parliament, where all my various decisions are thrashed out and debated. Occasionally it's been plunged into civil war. But you won't find it on any map.

  2. Well put, Mal. Still...maybe the ACS should declare itself the independent United States of Chesterton! That could be interesting. :)

  3. Going on recent combox exchanges we might be drawn into a civil war to make the War Between the States look like a lovers' tiff....!!

  4. (By the way, I really DID have my own "country"; it's not just a metaphor. I even used to write up the parliamentary reports, design flags and maps etc. etc. etc. Even now, I still find myself imagining what the "history books" say about each particular event in my life. I wonder has anyone else done this?)

  5. Micronations sound great, but first we must re-institute Microcapitalism in order to have the personal property necessary for even personal independence!


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