Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If the Chesterton Society had an iPhone app, what would it be?

I'm thinking the American Chesterton Society should have an iPhone app. But what would it be?
1. A Chesterton quote a day?
2. A Chestertonian word or motif of the day? (Wonder, surprise, limitations, imagination, wit, etc.
3. Take a Chesterton novel like The Man Who Was Thursday and serialize it into daily bits?
4. Link to a Chestertonian video, like the clips found on youtube of the Apostle of Common Sense?
5. A where is Dale Ahlquist today map?
6. A countdown to the next Flying Conference?
7. A clerihew a day?
What are your ideas? Or if you like any of these, say so. Do you have an iPhone or Ipod touch? Would you like such an app?

Thanks for your input.


  1. Perhaps a Modernity Search Engine. You enter a term that describes what you're having to wrestle with, say: the dispersion of marriage definitions, evangelistic atheism, or the worship of science, and then the GK Chesterton app recognizes the keywords and comes back with a quotation that helps put it all back in its place.

  2. How about sound bites so when you are in a heated discussion you can hit the sound that applies appropriately to the discussion at hand?

  3. Nancy,
    I like all of your suggestions. It would also be great to have a repository of Chesterton quotes by subject.

    And yes I do have an iPhone.

  4. All those ideas sound great! I'd get the app - even if it wasn't free. Another thing to add might be allusions to Chesterton in popular culture\literature - places where he's quoted in current events, things like Gaiman's Sandman comics, etc.

  5. Not sure if you're aware, but some companies can create podcast applications out of your podcast feeds. I think Libsyn (your podcast host) offers this and does all of the work for you for part of the revenue.

    In a nutshell, you would use your podcast feed and make an application that allows users to listen to your content through the app. It might be worth checking out. I know that Today In iPhone (TII) has one and they're with Libsyn.

  6. Let's think larger - I don't want a search engine to just quotes - I want it to also put me into the online document. No, either the online document or an audio recording of it (Ok, maybe that last part's a bit much).

    And a further link to the ACS website where they can purchase the real doc while they're at it.

    Reading whole documents on the Ipod is a bit of a pain, I like real paper. But it's not bad for a paragraph or two - let's not limit us to just "quotes" of our man Gilbert.

  7. I would love this, and so would a lot of my friends at school. Outside of the various ways one could use his quotes, I don't see a lot of room for such a large man to be condensed into an app.
    An "I am feeling..." with a list of selectable emotions, and a response from GKC for each would be wonderful.

  8. I'm a Palm Pre user rather than an iAnything, but I'd love a GKC app!


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