Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chesterton Literature Course-High School and Up

Sign up soon for this opportunity to take a Chesterton Literature class on line. I'll be taking the class, as I'm curious to learn as much as I can.


  1. Soooo, this Dr. Robert Gotcher lives in Hales Corners, WI. I'm wondering if he's come to any of the Chesterton conventions? If not, we'll have to work on that. This would be an interesting course to take, but I wouldn't want to take the place of an eager high schooler just discovering GKC (12 spaces in the class, get there soon for a good seat.) and with my crazy schedule, I can never take such classes anyway. Very glad there are more and more signs that what we seek is being found.

  2. As a homeschooling mom, I am signed up to take the class to better equip me to bring GKC to my little crew of current and up and coming highschoolers. I see this as a loaves and fishes kind of thing.... but maybe it's more accurately bread and cheese?

  3. Yeah, it's best to wait until they grow up a little more before they progress to cigars and port while reading Chesterton.


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