Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Being a Tourist at Home

I travel a lot, but that never seems to make travel less exciting (except for the lumpy beds, that is). Every part of this beautiful country is so amazing.

Last week, coming down south, we passed through the rain that was once Hurricane Ida, and what became the torrential rains of the east coast. Shortly after passing through Tennessee, we heard about the rock slide, and saw with amazement that someone caught the whole thing on video.

Now, as we're coming back, it never occurred to me that the rock slide would bother our travel, but we have to detour around it today. In Tennessee, people here have to detour around it every day, they're saying, till next year. Wow. And still, as we're driving, I can't help but think what a beautiful country this is.


  1. "An inconvenience is only an adventure, wrongly considered". Who said that again? Was it Bob Hope or someone?

  2. You know, Maol, it did work out to be an adventure, because the timing of the day worked out that we could visit relatives that evening, and if we had passed through earlier, we would have missed them. So, yeah, it was an adventure!


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