Saturday, October 31, 2009

Loyola reviews New Leaf The Man Who Was Thursday

Be sure to see the combox below where Nick Keenan of New Leaf Theater responds and invites your discussion of the play they have currently going on there, an adaptation of The Man Who Was Thursday.

I completely agree with Nick: the play is, whether good or bad, at least making people aware of the man G.K. Chesterton. Maybe it will help someone pick up the novel and actually read it for the first time. Maybe someone will wonder about Chesterton and read a biography of him. Maybe it will make some people think, and that, as we know, is what the mind is there to do.

If you've attended, I'd love to hear from you. I know of one person with tickets in her hands, and when she sees the play, I hope to hear from her. Maybe even do a podcast interview of it, which would be great, too.

And welcome Nick to the blog!

Read the Loyola review here, and also see Nick's comment and the link to more reviews.

If you attend this weekend and dress like an anarchist, you get a discounted ticket!

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  1. The person who is going on Thursday thinks you should talk to her companion for the evening, a younger, smarter person.


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