Friday, August 28, 2009

This news makes me want EWTN

From Dale:
The 5th Season of the Apostle of Common Sense premieres on Sunday, September 6, 8 pm CDT. (9 Eastern)

This season features episodes on Language, the Problem of Evil, America, Islam, War, Parenthood, Priesthood, Modernism, and more. There will be a special episode on the Toy Theatre that you will NOT want to miss, there will be a whole new batch of “Ask Mr. Chesterton” and look for multiple appearances by that ex-seminarian Stanford Nutting. The kickoff episode will be about something called Truth. And, as always, we’ll be pre-empted by the Pope on a regular basis.
I hope *you* have EWTN so you can catch these episodes. Have you noticed how these just keep getting better and better?

Last season's "Ask Mr. Chesterton" was the best episode ever. But I suspect this new season's will be even better. And Standford is not to be missed.


  1. You can watch EWTN live online. We've been doing it that way for years!

  2. I regularly thank God for Dale Ahlquist and EWTN -- that I discovered GKC.

  3. I will only watch Standford if he wears his sweater. You know what I'm talking about.

    -Chris Chan

  4. What a relief! Stanford Nutting is still (alive?) It must be true... "Dead things cannot die!"
    We can't wait to see the new episodes!


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