Saturday, August 08, 2009

Michael Perry--On Chesterton and War

Again, from David Deavel:
Michael W. Perry of Inkling Books was awarded the Outline of Sanity Award for editing and publishing his four books by or about Chesterton, particularly his recent collection, Chesterton and War. His talk enumerated the prophetic predictions and policy recommendations—many of them ignored—that Chesterton made. His prophecies included the rise of Hitler and a second world war while his policy recommendations had in them the outlines of the West’s Cold War strategy, not limited to something that looks curiously like NATO. Perry also spoke about Chesterton’s views on how society should react to false views like cosmopolitanism and pacifism. Chesterton defended freedom of speech without resorting to relativism. He wanted debate because he of his own optimism that truth will come out in the end and rigorous argument was the tool by which it would happen. Perry spiced these points with many of his own views about how Chesterton would react to movements that arose after his death, both political and cultural.
Thanks, David.

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