Friday, August 07, 2009


At dinner tonight, I was sitting with Mark Shea, David Deavel, Joey Odendahl, Adrian Ahlquist and having a great time.

Mark Shea, under the influence of the muses of the rest of us, came up with the name for next year's Conference. It will be called ChesterTen. Or perhaps Chester10, I'm not sure because we were only saying it, not spelling it. But ChesterConTen seems awkward.

The fork on our table had a Chester"tine". We know we have some Chesterteens. Any group of singers who sing Chesterton music should be the Chestertones. A group of male singers should be called the Chestostertones. And after some uproarious laughter, we went over to the auditorium, ready to hear Kevin O'Brien speak about drama.

UPDATE: Shea came up with a name for a female group of singers, too. The Chestrogens.

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