Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chesterton Spottings

In a highly unusual turn of events, I've seen pictures and read articles about Chesterton in two publications this past week, both of which took me by surprise.

Apparently, I have gotten used to not seeing Chesterton anywhere other than my Gilbert Magazine.

The first sighting was in The Catholic New World, a publication of the Archdiocese of Chicago. The actual paper included a photo of our man.
GK: “The world is not lacking in wonders, but in a sense of wonder.” That’s pure G. K.Chesterton. A witty prolific English writer (1874-1936), also called the “prince of paradox,” received into the Catholic Church in 1922, and now (trumpets, please): his beatification was proposed this month by England’s Chesterton Society. Others say he should be named “father of the church of the 20th century.” His works range from apologetics to mystery novels to poetry — remember “The Hound of Heaven”? “The Chesterton Review” is still being published twice a year, exploring the life and work of this original thinker, and his “romance with orthodoxy.” Google The Chesterton Review, or phone(800) 526-7022 in East Orange, N.J., to subscribe.
As you can see, there was a complete failure to note the presence of the American Chesterton Society here, and its publication Gilbert Magazine. I sent a letter to the editor noting this glaring oversight. I did not mention that the Hound of Heaven was written by Francis Thompson, nor that the exact quote is slightly different than stated (although the meaning is the same). Nor did I mention that it wasn't exactly his beatification that was proposed, but simply the opening of the cause to investigate the situation.

Then, just as I was getting over that shock, I almost choked over my after-Mass coffee on Sunday to note that the current Our Sunday Visitor has an article titled, "Making the Case for Chesterton" (not available to non-subscribers on line, sorry!) in which writer Mark Sullivan reviews William Oddie's new biography and discusses the possibility of Chesterton's cause moving forward. This article happily mentions both the ACS and Gilbert Magazine. Yeah, us! It is a very good and thorough article. Sullivan interviewed Oddie via email.

Our man is getting some press, which is good, and well-deserved.


  1. I would certainly love to read the Our Sunday Visitor article

    Anyway, another mention of Chesterton (though not an article about him) in an interview with author Dean Koontz:


    Dean Koontz: By the time I was going to college, I was looking for a different path from where I had been. Then I began to be drawn to — I wouldn’t say more organized, but a more formalized kind of faith. I did become engaged, more and more as the years went by, by the intellectual rigor that lies behind the Catholic Church. A lot of people will possibly laugh at that but if you know St. Thomas Aquinas and some of the other famous writers of the Church — or laymen who wrote brilliantly from a Catholic perspective like G.K. Chesterton — then you understand what I’m talking about. There is a deep intellectual basis behind it and that always appealed to me.

  2. The current edition of The Tablet (http://www.thetablet.co.uk/) has lots about GKC and distributism!


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