Friday, August 21, 2009

The Best Conversation Ever

Seeing what's going on below, and the fact that we have 78 comments (a record for us) and more than two people involved in the conversation led me to wonder: What's the Best Conversation Ever? This one is certainly our blog's best. For example, we have people asking intelligent questions, and a few old standard questions, and some sill questions, and then we also have some really intelligent, well-thought-out, given-lightly answers.

I've been really please to see that no one has steam coming out of their ears, no on seems to be reacting in haste, if offense seems possible, I've seen apologies. It's really hard to carry on this kind of conversation over a blog because you can't see when someone is laughing or grinning as they type, knowing in their own minds they are composing a joke. On the other end, it may look like a sneer or a put-down, so these things can often go awry.

But let's get back to the topic. In-person conversations are really best, when you can have them, and I was wondering if you can recall your Best Conversation Ever. What were the elements that made it so memorable? Was there laughter? Intelligent exchange? New insights? Conversion? Wine? Cigars? Cards or scrabble involved?

Some of my Best Conversations Ever have actually taken place at ChesterCons at meals. I recall serious exchange of ideas blended with wine, and with laughter, and give and take, and some shouting and an occasional pounding of canes or sword sticks. I've also had some great conversations right here on line.

Tell us about your Best Conversation Ever. Where was it? When? Whom? How? Why?

1 comment:

  1. Most of the best conversations have been with my dog of late. I find people seem far too "prickly" anymore to handle an honest,passionate debate. Too thin-skinned for jokes, and can't tolerate what they tout they tolerate, DIVERSITY. That doesn't include 'of thought' in many peoples estimations of conversation. But ah, yes, there were fun ones enjoyed while sipping wine, eating a good meal, playing Scrabble or some other game. Just watching a great flick and then discussing it. I've had some great conversations, but one thing about my dog is, she listens without interruption. A plus in any conversation.


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