Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Listen to an Interview with Dale Ahlquist on The American View

INTERVIEW: Dale Ahlquist, President, “American Chesterton Society” On, Among Other Things, The Question: Why Was GKC So Anti-Calvinist, Anti-Predestination


  1. Good to hear it, though there wasn't much new to me or probably to most here. I'm always glad to have knowledge of GKC extended. Another thing is I like knowing what Dale Ahlquist sounds like. I find visual and audio memories enrich readings.
    Lofton was not rude, but is almost comically uncomfortable when he's off-mike.

  2. The thing I really enjoyed about this audio was Chuck Chalberg. When you see him on the Apostle of Common Sense, he's just quoting straight Chesterton. But in this audio, you could tell he was ad libbing, laughing, having a fun time, reciting lines of poetry, and in general, the Chalberg portion was fun and interesting, so I had fun listening to that portion of this.

  3. Chuck Chalberg? I only heard Lofton interviewing Ahlquist..

  4. My bad--sorry! I listened to two different things. The second was an address Dale had to a college convocation of some sort at Bradley U. and Chuck came along. I forgot I listened to two different things.


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