Friday, July 31, 2009

LAST DAY to Name That Podcast!

NEWER UPDATE! Wow, this is gonna be hard. The entries are fantastic people. You all get an *A* for effort! Today is the last day to submit names, and the winner will be announced on MONDAY so watch here.

UPDATE: Keep those ideas coming. The latest one with exploding seed pods is quite entertaining! (See combox for details.)

Exciting news, the American Chesterton Society is starting its own podcast, and we need your help! We need a name for this podcast.

ChesterCast is taken. Chesterton Moments seems to imply something shorter than I had in mind. Common Sense? Adventures with Gilbert? WonderCast? Breakfast with Chesterton?

I need some good solid ideas, and I'm hoping you'll brainstorm with me and help me come up with a great name for this podcast.

The contest will run for one week, till Friday, July 31st. If you suggest the winning name, you will win a Chestertonian prize. Please tell your podcast fan friends.


  1. "Dale Ahlquist is my homeboy."

  2. GKCast
    Something Solid Podcast
    A Definite End Podcast

  3. Nancy, I had the pleasure of hearing Dale speak at the IHM conference in Chantilly. I am amazed at how much I LOVE Chesterton right off, and sorry that I hadn't looked into the man's writing sooner. (I would wonder why he is ignored, but I think we know that answer.)

    What about something referencing his Common Sense? I have to say that Dale's description of his as an apostle of common sense is spot-on. And, of course, the Ahlquist groupies would get it right away. ;)

  4. "common sense" has some Paine-ful connotations.

    We also know that "Adventures with Gilbert" would eventually prove to be inconvenient (or is it the other way around?).

    "Breakfast with Chesterton" brings to mind bacon and bloaters. Yum, but I don't think you want to talk about food. Or do you? (not a bad idea).

    My suggestion: "sword of the common man". Because good writing, like a sword, it comes to a point.

  5. How about, "That Old Chestnut" ? It's a quip, a double entendre on Gilbert's nickname from the kids, and alludes to the humor and ageless wisdom one is bound to encounter in the show.

  6. I'm intrigued by the similarity between 'broadcast' and 'distribute,' seeds growing into pods, y'know, and nicely agricultural, but I can't think of how to make that go.

    GKCasterton? GKast?The Evercasting Man?

  7. Hmm. Something Chestertonian that could contain things which are perfectly familiar, yet still unexpected - things with a meaning and function beyond the obvious. It sounds to me like The Luggage of an Optimist.

    I myself am guilty of carrying around miscellaneous bits of Chesterton that I haul out in any and every appropriate situation. They come in handy quite often.

  8. Ok guys, these are good. Keep 'em coming. Five more days to brainstorm.

  9. Gilbert's Exploding Seed Podcast

    You sort of have to know what exploding seed pods are. Think jewelweed.

  10. Down-to-Earth Imagination (one of the impressions that I've gotten from the few Chesterton books I've gotten my hands on)

    A Miscellany of Truth

  11. As a big ol' Chesterton fan, I was checking ot this site and happened upon this posting, so I thought I'd add my own suggestions:

    Chatting Chesterton
    Uncommon Sense

  12. How about: The Prince of Paradox Podcast or Paradoxical Podcasts

  13. Here is a brain dump of ideas...

    Chesterton Upstream
    All Things Chesterton
    Podcasting Badly
    Napoleon of Podcast Hill
    Everlasting Podcast
    Puppet Theater
    Early Burglar
    Bootblack and Buttons
    News from Fleet Street
    The Man Who Was GK
    Slaying the Dragon
    Wasting Fairyland
    The Dumb Ox
    Wisdom and Innocence
    The GK Guardian
    Tremendous Trifles
    Hudge and Gudge
    Greybeards at Play
    Alarms and Discursions
    What's Wrong With the World
    A Short History of Chesterton
    Fancies Versus Fads
    The Outline of Sanity
    Gloria in Profundis
    The Collected Works
    Generally Speaking
    The Podcast and the Lunatics
    GK's Omnibus
    The Paradoxes of Mr. Podcast

  14. How about "TrifleCast" ? :)

    If I win, do I get a t-shirt from the conference? *hopeful!*

  15. Wow, these are great ideas everyone! Thanks for brainstorming with me. I almost need more than one podcast, there are some great names here.

  16. iGKcast
    The Everlasting Apologist
    GK's iWeekly
    Gilbert not Sullivan

    iDoxy does not work. Wanted to do a play on Orthodoxy, but found out doxy is an old Dutch word for . . . well, just google it.

    Like "Christine the Soccer Mom" I also heard Dale in Chantilly -- fun, fun talk even though on matters quite serious. Enjoyed meeting him afterwards and getting his books signed.

  17. "Drawing the Line: The Podcast of the American Chesterton Society"
    "poGKCast" (Podcast Of GKC America SocieTy)

  18. Oh let me try:

    The Silence of Cheese
    Take Yourself Lightly
    The Unseriousness of Life
    What's Wrong With Everyone Else.
    Painting on Ceilings
    Incense and Nonsense
    The Man in the Cave
    Dancing on Moon Beams
    Tales from Elfland
    An Innocent Criminal
    Uncommon Common Sense
    The Man Who was Podcast
    The Podcast of the American Chesterton Society
    Politics, Sex, and Religion

  19. GK's Weekly
    CNN - Chesterton News Netcast


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