Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Someone on the blog wonders if it is some kind of karma to wander the blogosphere and run across the same Chesterton quote more than once. Does that mean that quote is important to you at that moment?

My personal feeling is no. After being on the receiving end of Google searches for Chesterton info, I find that people tend to use the same quotes of his over and over again in their blog posts. Occasionally, you find people who have Chesterton quotes as their signature, and so you see those quotes quite a bit.

There are many often quoted Chesterton quips. I now tend to think the less quoted thoughts and paragraphs more important than the short but sweet paradoxical sayings of his.


  1. What I think is even funnier is the same old quotes-that-aren't-GKC quotes that keep getting mentioned - the "good steak", the "brothel", the "believe in nothing" and so on. It is very funny.

    The quote I'd like to see more of is the "Love desires division" one we explored recently...

  2. I agree with both of you. I've been trying to archive even some of his more obsucre quotables, some of which are so much more amazing than more-oft-quoted ones.

    One quote that always bothered me is the one about "Fairy tales are more than true..." as Neil Gaiman quoted in Coraline. Now it gets re-quoted over and over but I've never seen a source cited. Rather, it looks like a paraphrase. I asked the Quotemeister already.

  3. Re: Paul

    I don't see why it should bother you because someone doesn't get the quote exactly right. He certainly god the right idea. Especially, since Chesterton does the same thing quite often.


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