Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Conference Traditions Remain the Same?

I suppose the biggest question on anyone's mind is will Miki make Petta wine? (Is Miki coming?)

I also wonder, will anyone be bringing Stilton cheese?

Will there be cheese and crackers and wine between talks?

Will there be roast hot dogs and home brew after talks?

I think meals will be different, except for the Saturday Night Banquet. It looks like we may eat our meals in our own dorm cafeteria? Or maybe there is a general cafeteria where we'll go? I just noticed that when I signed up for my dorm room, it said breakfast and lunch were included. So I'm also wondering, what about supper Thursday and Friday?

Dale Answers All Questions If Only You Click Here!
From Dale Ahlquist:

It would be nice to preserve every conference tradition, but that sort of stopped when St. Thomas brought down the hammer last year, which is why we fled. We are going to look at this as a great opportunity to bring Chesterton cheer to a different city every year.

The plan is to serve wine and snacks during the conference, as in years past, something that we were prevented from doing last year at St. Thomas.
As of right now, Miki is planning to come with homemade wine.
There will be Stilton.
Hot dogs were always a spontaneous event in other years, so there is no way of knowing what will happen in that regard. There will, however, be an excellent cigar smoking area in a lovely garden setting for late night philosophical discussions.
All the meals, except the banquet, will be at the university cafeteria and can be purchased right on site. However, the cost for breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday is included in the price of the rooms. It was just an odd requirement we had to deal with from Seattle University.
The only meal we have to pre-sell is the Saturday Banquet, which is catered.


  1. Seattle U is in downtown Seattle (see the wonderful Google Maps). I imagine that there a many wonderful local eating establishments within walking distance of the conference, including the venerable Pike Place Fishmarket.

    Still trying to figure out how to afford the trip (with pay cuts, etc.) but I have never visited Seattle and have wanted to visit for a long time.

  2. In checking the conference agenda, I see that there will be Clerihews. Are the submission rules the same as last year? Before Chesterton, during Chesterton, after Chesterton, Clerihews one side of the paper, your name and address on the other. With the additional stipulation that, in order to get even honorable mention, the writer must live in Minnesota and his last name must begin with Ah? :)

  3. Dear Bob,
    As a former Clerihew Judge, I can assure you the judging is fair an unbiased.

    The rules will be the same this year, the instructions are the same, so please get to work and write some GOOD clerihews.

    One of the perennial problems with this contest is people failing to make good rhymes, or failing to rhyme something with the person's NAME, or failing to make them humorous. I think if one puts a small effort into these things, the chances of winning are great. Good luck!


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