Saturday, May 23, 2009

UK Chesterton Society

Dear Chestertonian friends,

I have great pleasure in informing you that The Chesterton Society originally founded in 1974 at Top Meadow, Beaconsfield, is back in action.

Dr William Oddie, the new chairman has hit the ground running and started things with a smart new website we can be proud of.

Chesterton in the Chilterns which was always really a local group/branch of the Society however continued to flourish, and as Dale Ahlquist of the American Chesterton Society said, -
"kept the GKC torch burning in the British Isles".

I would urge British Chestertonians to please join the Society and give her every support; check out the website and take part in the Blog. I am going to leave a message of congratulations and provide a link for our own Chesterton in the Chilterns. We will have the opportunity to post our notices on this site and Dr. Oddie has agreed to allow us to have a page of our own.
Happy times ahead!

- See note on a GKC Conference July 4th.

Best Regards
Martin Thompson

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