Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update: Filming Manalive

From Dale:
We started shooting the movie “Manalive” last week. Here are a couple of pictures from the set. Mark Shea as Innocent Smith “holding a gun to the head of modern man.” [ed. note: Mark keeps his readers up to date via his blog] And director Joey Odendahl and the so-called Executive Producer [ed. note: that's Dale] surveying the rooftop of “Beacon House”. Things are off to a great start. The cast and crew are starting to gel.

Filming will continue in Savannah to the end of the month. Then we will film some scenes in Seattle in April. Editing and scoring will take a few months.

It’s especially heartbreaking that Ann Petta will not get to see this movie. It was a project especially dear to her.
I reminded Dale that Ann *will* see this movie, and is perhaps working with the crew already. She'll have the best seat in the house when it plays. ;-)


  1. Will it be available at all for Region 2.

  2. How are they going to incorporate the palm trees?

  3. According to the website, Manalive the Movie will be set in an "anytime, anyplace" setting, hence the palm trees.

    -Chris Chan

  4. Anon: I really don't know. I don't understand what Region 2 means.

  5. OFL: I was amazed to see palm trees in Rome. Maybe they have palm trees in England too?

  6. "Region 2" refers to DVD players manufactured specifically for Western and Central Europe, including the UK.

    I hope the Manalive DVD will be coded "non-region" specific (Region 0), allowing anyone anywhere access to the film.

  7. Palm trees do grow in the south of England, on the grounds of Hampton Court, the Brighton Pavilion, and many smaller houses like this one: http://www.infobritain.co.uk/Overbecks.htm

    Pictures look great! I am so looking forward to the finished product.

  8. Currently the pictures look amateur at best-hopefully the movie will be more than that.It is presenting as a rather big joke

  9. Obviously, taking pictures on the set is nothing like how the movie will turn out. I think it will be best to reserve judgment until you see the trailer or view the film itself. Hopefully, the story will be so compelling, you may overlook the signs of our budget being on the low side. ;-)


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