Monday, March 09, 2009

Ann (Stull) Petta, RIP

It is with a sad heart that I inform everyone of the passing of a person who loved Gilbert, Ann Petta. From Dale:
Ann died this evening [March 8]. Her nephew just called me with the sad news.

Today’s Psalm at Mass was “How precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful ones.” It could not have been more appropriate.

We lost a shining light in the Chesterton community today.

The funeral will be Thursday.
When I get the time and place, I'll let you know.

Her husband Frank [scroll down to see all the articles about Frank] died almost exactly one year ago. These two shining beacons of love, friendship, joy, humor, laughter, and faith touched the lives of most of the Chestertonians I know here in America. Frank and Ann were part of that first meeting in Milwaukee about 27 years ago, and they were also the premier Chestertonian lovers: falling in love over a common interest in Chesterton, and celebrating a Chestertonian wedding not all that long ago.

Ann was sweet, always took time to talk with me, and I felt a close connection because she once told me that what made her like Chesterton was not his writings, although she loved them too, but she loved his person. She said she fell in love with him as a person: his kindness, caring, love, listening ability, etc. And when she said that, I felt I'd met a kindred soul, because that was exactly how I came to love Chesterton: reading his biography and finding out what a wonderful person he was.

May Ann rest in peace, reunited with Frank, and joining Gilbert and Frances for a party in heaven.


  1. I just can't stop crying....

    I will miss you so much, Ann.

  2. From Kevin O'Brien (who blogger refuses to allow to post):

    I will not be able to come, as we'll be on tour in Ohio doing shows, but please pass along my condolences to the family and my best regards to the Chestertonians in attendance.

    I had the pleasure of sitting beside Ann at the closing banquet at the conference last June. She was a gracious lady. And I'm certain that our man Gilbert is glad to have her in his company!

  3. Rest in Peace!

    I knew Ann when I was in college at the U, of Chicago, between 1987 and 1991. I met Frank once at her apartment... Never got up to going to the Chesterton Society meetings; but met with Ann and others from the neighborhood who were involved in Hyde Park Pro Life & St Thomas the Apostle. I was working on getting a prolife group started at the University. I wish I'd seen this a few days ago: I'd've happily driven out to Elgin for the funeral.

    Sue Murphy


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